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One of the biggest reasons why families move to Airdrie is the unique family-oriented community that Airdrie provides. There’s no doubt that the city of Airdrie is an ideal environment for supporting and raising a family in many ways.

Finding a school fit for you and your children’s needs is no problem in Airdrie. Airdrie is home to a great school system, run by Rocky View Schools, providing 16 schools located in Airdrie: ranging from K1 to 12th grade and from French immersion to Christain lead schools.

However, if you have little ones who aren’t yet old enough to attend school, you are probably looking for daycare options.

Read further to learn more about the daycare options in Airdrie and how they differ from Calgary.

What Airdrie has to Offer

There are 20+ daycares dispersed throughout the city of Airdrie. If you live in one of the subcommunities closer to the city center of Airdrie, as the majority of residents do, finding a daycare nearby is no problem. Depending on your daycare of choice, your commute to drop off the kids can be as little as a few minutes or up to 10 minutes.

According to Statistics Canada, the demand for excellent child care has risen. Finding childcare that aids the potential benefits of peer socialization, school readiness, numeracy skills, and language skills are in higher demand than a daycare center that simply looks after kids playing.

There are many Airdrie childcare options that meet these needs for your child. Airdrie is proud to provide affordable daycare that does not compromise the attentive and fulfilling nature parents want for their children. Airdrie has childcare options starting from private nanny care to affordable daycare centers.

Cost Comparison of Airdrie and Calgary Daycare

In 2016, a national survey was conducted to compare child care fees across Canada’s largest cities. Calgary was found to have the third-highest childcare cost in Canada. The survey results revealed that the average monthly fee for full-time center-based and home child care was $1,102/month for infants, $1,050/month for toddlers, and $1,010/month for preschoolers. These numbers only reflect a single child. If you have multiple children, monthly child care costs add up to thousands.

On the other hand, Airdrie’s average child care cost has shown to be 15% lower than Calgary’s. Most Airdrie daycares believe that children and working parents should have the availability of enriching daycare without the burden of cost.

Location Convenience of Airdrie and Calgary Daycare

Most residents living in Airdrie commute to another city for work. In fact, only 22.85% of those living in Airdrie actually work from home or at an Airdrie based business. That being said, a common factor to consider is if you should put your children into daycare near your workplace in Calgary or close to home in Airdrie.

Here’s a Pro-Con List created by parents on choosing a daycare close to home versus work:


  • Easier to arrange playdates/birthday parties with daycare friends because they live nearby
  • Shorter commute for the child (won’t test their patience)
  • Shorter commute for the child (lower risk of traffic accident)
  • Shorter commute for you if you have a day off or working from home but still want daycare
  • Easier to pick up multiple kids at a time from school and daycare as you are probably sending your kids to a school in your home region


  • Work time missed if your child gets sick at school (in my experience, this happened so infrequently that it just wasn’t an issue)
  • Harder to just “pop in” for a visit during lunch (though these visits can be distressful to the child who expects to go home with you)

Entrusting a daycare with your children is no small decision. You want what’s best for you and your kids.

Airdrie’s community is built around family- a neighbourhood inspired to create an environment perfect for raising children. This philosophy is apparent in the Airdrie-based daycare centers as well.

Hopefully, this list helps provide some ease and insight helping you make the right choice for your family needs.


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