Buying Made Simple

Buying a home is more than mortgages and signings—it’s about turning a dream into reality. Your future home is where many important events will occur. 

It’s the place we call home at the end of the day. 

Whether your next home is for yourself or an investment, the buying process should be an overall positive experience. 

With our guide, we’ll lead you to confidently receive your keys.


The first step in your buying journey is to always talk to your trusted financial advisor about your long-term goals. 

Your advisor or bank will calculate how much mortgage you can carry and work with you to create a budget plan.

If you need a mortgage professional, reach out to us and we’ll refer you to a trusted professional advisor with a successful track record.


After your pre-approval, find an experienced and trusted REALTOR®–us! We’re ready to discuss your long-term real estate goals so we can find you a home that fits your criteria.

Tell us everything you love about houses, the purpose of your home purchase, where you would like to live, what are deal-breakers for you, and so on. We’ll turn those words into a reality for you.

Make An Offer

Our resources provide the latest listings to locate the homes on the market to provide you with the best real estate. Look at our listings if you’re still searching.

Place an offer once you’ve found a home that fits your list. Talk to us about conditions and other aspects before you commit.

Mortgage Approval

Contact your bank for an approved loan. They may ask for additional documents such as income statements, real estate listing, Offer to Purchase agreement, lawyer contact information and other financial documents.

Lawyer Signing

Once everything is approved, your bank will transfer the mortgage money to your lawyer. Your lawyer pays the sellers and registers the land under your name to the government. You are now on your way to becoming a homeowner!

Moving Day

On the day of, or before, the seller will meet all conditions (if you had any) from your offer. After a satisfactory inspection, you can accept and move in.

However, if the conditions haven’t been met yet, we’ll contact the seller’s REALTOR® on your behalf to sort everything out. After, you’re ready to receive your keys and settle in. Congratulations!


We know it’s nerve-wracking, wondering what is going on so we keep it our priority to keep you in the loop.

If you are looking for the right REALTORS® to help you on your journey, call us today for the best buying experience.

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