Airdrie Neighbourhoods for Families

Finding the perfect family-friendly community is crucial if you’re a home buyer or seller in Airdrie. Airdrie offers an array of neighbourhoods, each with unique qualities catering to the needs of families.

Here are the Airdrie neighbourhoods for families, ranked from the least to best:

  • Bayside
  • Luxstone
  • Waterstone
  • Morningside
  • Kings Heights

Each neighbourhood, from Bayside to Kings Heights, promises a unique experience for you and your family. Let’s delve into each one, highlighting what makes them stand out for families like yours.

7. Hillcrest

Let’s talk about Hillcrest, the neighbourhood ranked seventh on our list for families in Airdrie. Now, you might wonder why it’s not higher up.

While Hillcrest boasts some fantastic features, it falls a bit short in a few areas compared to others on our list.

Its schools, for instance, have a ‘C+’ rating, which might concern some families prioritizing education. But let’s not overlook the good parts!

Hillcrest, nestled in Southwest Airdrie, offers a blend of nature and convenience. Imagine waking up to mountain views to the west, right from your doorstep.

This neighbourhood is about living in a well-maintained area surrounded by the beauty of nature.

You’ll find Hillcrest along 40th Avenue to the north and 8th Street to the west. It has super easy access to Highway 2 and Balzac Boulevard—talk about being well-connected!

For outdoor lovers, Hillcrest is a dream. It is home to stormwater ponds, doubling as perfect picnic spots and wildlife-viewing areas.

Think about those leisurely weekends with your family, soaking in the natural beauty. Plus, there’s Southpoint Off-Leash Dog Park and the Hillcrest Playground, making it ideal for your furry friends and kids.

When it comes to amenities, Hillcrest has its fair share. You’ve got a grocery store, entertainment venues, and even a spot like Cooper’s Town Promenade nearby for all your shopping needs.

And let’s not forget about the local shops and services in the neighbourhood, from Creamy Mama Skincare to Shola’s Sweet Pastries.

But what about schools and daycares, right? Hillcrest’s primary school is Northcott Prairie School, right in the community’s heart. This makes school runs a breeze.

There are daycare centers conveniently located within the neighbourhood for the little ones. This ensures that all your family’s educational and care needs are covered.

While Hillcrest might rank seventh, it’s still a fabulous choice. This is especially true if you want a green space-filled neighbourhood close to nature and convenient amenities.

It’s a friendly neighbourhood community waiting for you to explore its tree-lined and clean streets.

Sure, the schools might need a bit of a boost, but the overall Hillcrest package is pretty compelling for any family looking to settle in Airdrie.

6. Canals

Canals, our sixth-ranked neighbourhood, is something special in Airdrie. This area is like a slice of waterfront luxury tucked away near the city’s western limits.

What sets Canals apart? Well, it’s not just about the homes that front the picturesque canals; it’s also about the overall quality of life here.

Canals is more than just a neighbourhood; it’s a lifestyle. Imagine living where you can gaze out onto the water right from your window.

The homes here, ranging from Craftsman to contemporary styles, are not just houses but retreats. Many offer features like two-car garages, open layouts, and beautifully manicured yards.

Education-wise, Canals is served by the Rocky View Schools district. This means your kids get quality education at places like Nose Creek Elementary School.

And for fun? The Canoe Cove Playground is just around the corner, waiting for your family’s weekend adventures.

The area is also known for its unique shopping experiences with several small local boutiques. And when it comes to dining, Canals doesn’t disappoint.

You’ve got places like Tequila & Tacos and Pizza Cottage, ensuring your culinary cravings are well catered to.

So, why not be higher on the list?

Despite its charm, Canals ranks sixth due to its ‘B’ rating in schools and ‘B+’ in crime safety. While still good, these ratings are a tad lower compared to our top-ranked neighbourhoods.

5. Bayside

Moving on to Bayside, ranked fifth, this neighbourhood is where nature meets family living. It’s not just a place to live; it’s an experience, especially for those who love being close to heart.

Bayside is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Its proximity to several parks, green spaces, and natural reserves makes it perfect for jogging, biking, or just a casual stroll.

The outdoor rink here is a hotspot for ice hockey, especially in winter.

Schools in Bayside are commendable. Places like Nose Creek Elementary and W.H. Croxford High School mean your kids’ education is in good hands. And the friendly community vibe? It’s the icing on the cake, making everyone feel welcome and included.

Let’s talk homes. You’ve got a range of options here. They have charming bungalows, colourful bi-level row homes, and two-story single-family properties.

Many of these homes, built in the 2010s, embody modern living with a touch of elegance. Why fifth and not higher?

Bayside isn’t ranked higher primarily due to its ‘C-‘ rating in amenities.

While it excels in housing, health, and safety, the range of amenities doesn’t match up to our top neighbourhoods. However, its schools have an ‘A-‘ rating, which is a big plus for families.

4. Luxstone

Coming in at number four, Luxstone offers a perfect mix of suburban tranquillity and urban convenience. Why is Luxstone such a hit with families? Let’s dive in.

Luxstone is a peaceful haven on Airdrie’s western side, boasting stunning views and easy access to the rest of the city. The neighbourhood strikes a balance between the beauty of nature and modern amenities.

Imagine living where nature trails, rivers, and wildlife are just a step away!

Schools like St. Martin de Porres High School, Nose Creek Elementary School, and AE Bowers Elementary School are all within a short drive. This means you’ve got various education options, including French Immersion, at your fingertips.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Luxstone is a delight. There are many reasons why Luxstone is an active family’s dream. It is because they have:

  • Paved pathways for walking, running, biking, or rollerblading
  • Neighbourhood green spaces
  • And parks like Chinook Winds Regional Park. Plus, the proximity to Nose Creek Regional Park adds to its appeal.

Luxstone’s ranking is influenced by its ‘B-‘ crime rate, which, while still good, isn’t as high as some other neighbourhoods on our list. However, its amenities and schools are top-notch, earning ‘A+’ and ‘A-‘ ratings.

3. Waterstone

Waterstone is our third-ranked neighbourhood. It is a peaceful residential area perfect for families seeking a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Waterstone’s charm lies in its tranquil environment. It is mainly residential, with ample green spaces, parks, and playgrounds. It’s located in southern Airdrie, offering quick access to Calgary and various amenities.

Schools are conveniently located, with AE Bowers Elementary School within walking distance. The Rocky View School District and the Calgary Catholic School District serve the area.

They provide public, separate, private, and French Immersion education options.

The neighbourhood’s proximity to many amenities makes it ideal for outdoor activities. It includes:

  • Nose Creek Park
  • A 20-acre space with trails
  • An amphitheatre
  • And an off-leash area.

And let’s not forget about the Queen Latina Bake Shoppe & Market for a taste of Latin American treats.

While Waterstone is great for families, its lower ranking might be due to fewer amenities within the immediate vicinity.

However, its peaceful atmosphere and proximity to schools and parks make it an excellent choice for family living.

2. Morningside

Morningside is a standout, ranking second among Airdrie’s neighbourhoods for families. Let’s explore why it’s almost at the top of our list.

Morningside, nestled just west of Highway 2 in Southwest Airdrie, is a suburbia lover’s dream. It’s not just about being close to Calgary; it’s about enjoying the best suburban living.

With Coopers Drive winding through it, Morningside connects to other Airdrie communities. This weaves a sense of togetherness.

Schools like St. Veronica and Windsong Heights School are here for your family’s educational needs.

Plus, Morningside is served by both the Rocky View School District and the Calgary Catholic School District. They offer a range of schooling options, including public, separate, private, and French Immersion.

Morningside Park is a local favourite. It offers a playground, walking trails, and green spaces perfect for family outings.

And for your daily needs? You’re covered with Yankee Crossing and Sierra Springs shopping centres. You also have casual restaurants like Harvey’s and The Chopped Leaf.

Morningside is almost there, with its exceptional ‘A’ ratings in schools, amenities, and health and safety.

Its ‘B-‘ cost of living rating keeps it from the top spot, but this is balanced by its high livability score and other positive attributes.

Morningside is more than just a neighbourhood. It’s a community that embodies the essence of family-friendly living. Also, it’s a place where families can thrive in a friendly and nurturing environment.

1. Kings Heights

Kings Heights, taking the top spot as the best neighbourhood for families in Airdrie, truly has it all. Let’s find out what makes Kings Heights the crown jewel of Airdrie.

So, why Kings Heights?

Picture this: Lush landscapes, serene water features, and tree-lined streets. Kings Heights isn’t just a place to live; it’s a picturesque setting for family life.

Located east of Highway 2 and south of Yankee Valley Boulevard, it’s positioned for tranquillity and convenience.

The area’s amenities are top-notch, scoring an ‘A+’ in AreaVibes’ rankings. The Airdrie Air Park offers unique aviation opportunities.

Kingsview Market, on the other hand, has an array of grocery stores, pharmacies, and popular restaurants. It’s a neighbourhood that caters to your every need.

For dining and nightlife, Kings Heights offers an array of restaurants and venues like Toad ‘n’ Turtle Pubhouse and Atlas Brewing.

When it comes to outdoor recreation, green spaces provide plenty of opportunities for family outings. This includes the Kingsland View Playground and Marquis Place Park.

Schools are a big plus in Kings Heights. Your children have access to excellent education right within the neighbourhood.

It houses institutions like Heloise Lorimer School and Footprints for Learning Academy. These schools contribute to its ‘A+’ education rating, ensuring a bright future for the young minds of Kings Heights.

The neighbourhood is also brimming with family-friendly amenities. These include the:

  • Kings Heights Soccer Field
  • Kingsview Park
  • And Kings Off-Leash Dog Park, making it ideal for active families.

And let’s not forget about the local gems for family meals out. These are the Pita Basket Mediterranean Grill, Mary Brown’s Chicken, and Mio Stone Grill & Sushi for family meals.

Now, why is it number one?

Its perfect blend of amenities, education, housing, and family-oriented lifestyle stands out.

Although its crime rate is rated ‘B,’ the environment makes it the ultimate choice for families looking for that perfect community. This is combined with its welcoming and inclusive community,

Kings Heights isn’t just the best neighbourhood for families in Airdrie. It’s a lifestyle, a community where every family member, from kids to pets, can thrive.

It’s about being part of a friendly neighbourhood community. One where life is about enjoying the small moments amidst beautiful surroundings.

Airdrie’s Best Neighborhoods for Your Family’s Next Chapter

Well, there you have it! We’ve journeyed through the top neighbourhoods in Airdrie, each with unique flavour and charm.

Picking the right one is about more than just houses. It’s about finding a community that resonates with your family’s lifestyle and aspirations.

As top realtors in Airdrie, The Maverick Group is here to guide you through this exciting journey. If you’re buying your home, we’ve got the expertise and local knowledge to help you find your dream home in Airdrie.

Ready to explore these wonderful neighbourhoods? Reach out to The Maverick Group, and let’s start the journey to your new home in Airdrie.

Remember, the perfect community for your family is out there, and we’re here to help you find it.

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