How Safe Are Airdrie Communities?

How Safe Are Airdrie Communities? Exploring Crime Rates and Safety Measures

So, you’re considering moving to Airdrie. Excellent choice!

Airdrie is a city just a few kilometres north of Calgary, Alberta. It’s known for its small-town charm and friendly community. It also offers access to big-city amenities, giving its residents a convenient lifestyle.

Overall, Airdrie is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Included in the long list of pros of moving to Airdrie is safety. This is why Airdrie is among the top choices for people looking to move to the province of Alberta.

But how safe are Airdrie communities, really?

As with any city, crime rates can vary between neighbourhoods. And it’s important to do your research before deciding to move to the city.

So, let’s explore crime statistics in Airdrie. We’ll also go through the safety measures in place to protect its residents.

Understanding the Crime Statistics in Airdrie, AB

The overall crime rate in Airdrie is 19% lower than Canada’s. The data from Statistics Canada also shows the year-over-year crime in the city decreased by 14%.

Property crimes are more prevalent in Airdrie. Property crime violations are more directed at properties rather than people. Some examples are breaking and entering, theft, and vandalism.

There are fewer cases of violent and severe crimes in Airdrie. In these crime incidents, the offender directs a threat or use of force toward the victim. Some examples of this would be assault, murder, and robbery.

Here’s a little simplification to put things into perspective.

  • 1 in 37 people can be a victim of property crime.
  • 1 in 153 people can be a victim of violent crime.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provides detailed annual reports on crime rates in each detachment. You can also find crime maps for different provinces on the website.

Factors that Affect the Safety of Airdrie Communities

The safety of Airdrie communities can be affected by a variety of factors. These include:

  • Crime maps. High crime rates can make residents feel unsafe. It can also discourage potential homebuyers from moving into the community. The types of crimes that occur in the area can also impact the sense of safety in the community.
  • Socioeconomic status. Areas with higher levels of poverty and unemployment may experience higher crime rates. In contrast, areas with higher levels of education and income tend to have lower crime rates.
  • Responsive community policing. Security patrols and quick response times can help prevent crime and catch criminals.
  • Security measures. The presence of security measures can deter criminals and provide residents with a sense of security.
  • Community involvement. Strong community ties can lead to increased vigilance and a willingness to report suspicious activity. This can help prevent crime and promote a safer community.

Safest Neighbourhoods in Airdrie (Airdrie Communities with Low Crime Rates)

When choosing a place to call home, community safety is often a priority. Airdrie is no exception, with many residents wanting to know which neighbourhoods are the safest to live in.

Here are several communities in Airdrie known for their low crime rates.

1. Coopers Crossing

The crime rate in Coopers Crossing is 56% lower than the national average. It’s also safer than 93% of the cities in Alberta. This makes it the safest community to live in Airdrie.

Coopers Crossing is known for its upscale homes and family-friendly atmosphere. With the lowest crime rates in the city, it’s certainly a popular choice for families looking to move to the area.

2. Hillcrest

The community of Hillcrest has a crime rate that’s 54% lower than Canada’s. In this neighbourhood, you have a 1 in 52 chance of falling victim to a crime.

Hillcrest is a newer community with modern homes and amenities. This makes it perfect for young professionals and families with children.

3. Morningside

Morningside is the 3rd safest Airdrie neighbourhood. Its crime rate is 46% lower than the Canada average. It’s also safer than 92% of the cities in Alberta.

Morningside is a great place to live if you value safety and security. The community also has a strong sense of community among its residents.

4. Bayside

Bayside’s crime rate is 33% lower than the national average. Crime statistics also show you have a 1 in 36 chance of becoming a victim in this neighbourhood.

Bayside is known for its stunning homes, scenic views, and family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a safe and inclusive community, perfect for families and retirees.

5. Ravenswood

The community of Ravenswood is about just as safe as Bayside. The actual numbers of its crime statistics differ by a few, but the percentages are essentially the same.

Ravenswood has well-lit streets, sidewalks, and parks. This makes it safe for residents to do simple outdoor activities even at night. Ravenswood also offers a peaceful and friendly community to its residents.

Safety Measures Taken by Local Authorities in Airdrie

Local authorities in Airdrie take safety very seriously. As such, they have implemented several measures to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Crime Map

One of the most significant measures is the crime mapping of the Airdrie RCMP detachment. It is responsible for law enforcement in the city.

The RCMP has a strong presence in the city. It also works closely with the community to identify and respond to safety concerns.

CCTV Cameras and Lighting

How Safe Are Airdrie Communities? Exploring Crime Rates and Safety Measures

Another safety measure taken by local authorities is the installation of CCTV cameras in high-risk areas. These cameras are monitored by the RCMP, and footage can be used to help identify suspects and solve crimes.

Public spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and parking lots are also equipped with lighting to deter criminal activity.

Neighbourhood Watch Programs

Local authorities also work closely with community groups and organizations. Together, they promote safety awareness and provide education on crime prevention.

Programs such as Neighbourhood Watch encourage residents to look out for each other. This also lets them report any suspicious activity to the RCMP.

These safety measures demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the safety of its residents.

While crime can never be completely eradicated, these measures help to reduce the risk. They also keep Airdrie safe and provide peace of mind to residents.

Are Airdrie Communities Safe?

Airdrie communities are safer than 74% of the other cities in Canada. This is because they are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of their residents.

But crime can still happen anywhere. So, it would be best to always stay vigilant. Make sure to stay informed and take precautions once you make the move to Airdrie.

By working with law enforcement and community organizations, Airdrie can continue to be a safe and welcoming place to call home.

Let’s all do our part to keep our communities safe!

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