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A home is more than just a resting place after a long day. Your home should also be about enjoying your surrounding environment, neighbors, and community. The City of Airdrie was built on just these values. 

Not only do you get more for money when moving to Airdrie, but you also join a family-friendly community full of activities and experience for everyone to enjoy.  

Wondering why you should live in Airdrie? Here are 10 reasons why Airdrie is a unique and great place to live.

1. More Home for Less 

Compared to Calgary, Airdrie homes tend to be newer and larger, for a lot less — with the same quality of living as Calgary.

The average price of a home in Airdrie is $350K, while the Calgary average home price is $450K- That’s a $100,000 difference!

2. Access to Plenty of Schools

Airdrie is home to a great school system run by the Rocky View Schools. A common concern for those who move to Airdrie is finding the right school system for their family. 

The great news is that there are 16 schools located in Airdrie: ranging from K1 to 12 grade and from French immersion to Christian lead schools. 

Most schools are walking distance from the neighborhoods, so you can walk your kids to school!

3. An Abundance of Walking and Cycling Paths

“Airdrie enjoys approximately 140 kilometers of asphalt pathway and approximately 37 kilometers of concrete sidewalks for beautiful bike rides or walks around the city.” – City of Airidie

Check out Airdrie Bike and Walk Path Map, which includes:  playgrounds, water features, green space, off-leash areas, and golf courses. 

4. Plenty of Parks & Playgrounds

Airdrie is home to plenty of green space, parks, and playgrounds scattered throughout the community! 

“The City of Airdrie Parks department offers residents approximately 1,500 acres of parkland and approximately 130 kilometers of paved pathways and 25 km of sidewalk within Airdrie.”City of Airdrie 

One of Airdrie’s most popular parks is Chinook Winds Park. This park is perfect for summertime activities. Chinook Winds park offers over 55 acres of grass space, regeneration sports, playgrounds, skate parks, and amenities.

Plus! Airdrie has 50+ playgrounds for the kiddos to enjoy. Check out the official City of Airdrie Map to see where they are located!   

5. Airdrie Festival of Lights

Not only does Airdrie have great outdoor activities for the family during the summertime, but Airdrie also has the holiday season covered as well! 

Every December, Airdrie hosts the largest outdoor Christmas lights display in all of western Canada. And it’s FREE! 

Check out more information here and join the countdown to this year’s holiday season! 

6. Urban Proximity 

To some, Airdrie seems like a world away. However, It’s not as far and secluded from Calgary as you think…

Airdrie communities are located just off of major roadways, where you can quickly be taken to the heart of downtown Calgary or directly to the airport in no time!

Airdrie to Downtown Calgary is roughly a 30-minute drive. While Airdrie to Calgary International Airport is a quick 15- minute trip

7. Community Investment and Care 

The City of Airdrie is constantly striving for providing the best family-friendly neighborhood by investing in providing great amenities and community improvement. 

Genesis Builder Group is one of the main builders for the Airdrie community- responsible for creating affordable homes, vibrate land development, and sponsoring the Genesis Place Recreational Centre- which they have recently invested in expanding.

“We were honoured to provide $2 million for the expansion and renovation of this state-of-the-art recreation facility in Airdrie. Genesis Place is a natural gathering point for friends, families, and neighbours to connect and grow, featuring a wide spectrum of fitness and leisure facilities—including twin NHL-size ice surfaces, twin soccer fields, multiple pools, a waterslide, an indoor track, and two gymnasiums.” -Genesis Builder Group

“At Genesis Builders Group, we know that a strong community is a key to making any house a home—and there is no community like Airdrie.”

8. Convenient Access to Amenities 

The Airdrie city was created to be a close-knit community, where essential necessities are easily accessible.

“Life in Airdrie means easy access to what matters most. It means a five-minute walk to the grocery store—or a two-minute drive in the case of forgotten ingredients. It means neighbors who water your plants” Genesis Builder Group

9. Local Entertainment  

Along with outdoor activity, Airdrie has plenty of entertainment throughout the year, such as: AirdrieFEST, Woodside Golf Course, and the Bert Church Live Theatre.

AirdrieFEST is an annual event hosted in the fall is for community groups and non-profits to showcase their products and services, as well as providing free family-friendly entertainment and fun. Learn more about the event here

Woodside Golf Course is a championship par-70 course made up of 6,200 yards of landscaping and featuring 9 water hazards. This is a perfect course for both professionals and amateur golfers. 

Woodside is also the first golf course to be pet-friendly! Find out more about them here.

Bert Church Live Theater is a popular destination for featuring musicians, theater groups and promoting local entertainment and arts. Check out their upcoming preference schedule here.

10. Work-Family Life Balance

Many move to Airdrie to experience a vast number of family-friendly activities and a friendly community. Being slightly outside of Calgary’s city limits, Airdrie provides a “get-away” feel, as you are constantly surrounded by nature and hillside country. When driving from work in Calgary city to your home in Airdrie, you can instantly feel the transition from city to nature and community. 

Airdrie prides itself on building a supportive community and connecting with your neighbors. A perfect community to connect with nature, raise your family, and get away from the city.

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