7 Guaranteed Tips on How to Choose a Good Real Estate Agent

Ever felt like selling your home was more of a headache than a milestone? You’re not alone. For many, past experiences with real estate agents have been less than ideal.

It leaves you wondering if your Airdrie house is in the right hands. Well, don’t lose hope because good agents do exist! 

Here are some of the tips on how to choose a good real estate agent:

  • Choose an Agent Who Understands the Local Market
  • Opt for an Agent with Impeccable Experience and Track Record
  • Select an Agent with Strong Communication Skills
  • Value an Agent with Positive Client Testimonials and Reviews
  • Insist on Professionalism and Integrity

In this guide, we’ll explore the key qualities to look for in a real estate agent who upholds and respects your journey as a seller. Let’s get started!

1. Choose an Agent Who Understands the Local Market

Have you ever wondered why knowing the local real estate market is such a big deal when selling your home? Well, it’s like having a secret map that shows you all the hidden treasures.

In Airdrie, the market is unique, and that’s where someone like us at the Maverick Group comes in handy. We’re like local market experts, always keeping an eye on things like:

  • The average list price range
  • What types of homes are selling quickly
  • And the little details that make Airdrie special.

Think of it this way: if you know what’s happening locally, you can set a sale price that hits the sweet spot. A price that is attractive enough to excite potential buyers but also fair so you get the best deal.

It’s not just about slapping a price on a listing and hoping for the best. It’s about understanding what drives prices in Airdrie, like:

  • The demand for certain property types
  • Or how changes in the economy affect buyers.

2. Opt for an Agent With Impeccable Experience and Track Record

Now, let’s chat about experience and track record. Imagine you’re putting together a team for a big game. You’d want players who know the rules and have won games, right?

It’s the same when selling your house. Choosing an agent with a proven track record, like what we’ve built at the Maverick Group, gives you an edge. Experience in real estate isn’t just about the number of years someone’s been in the game.

It’s about how well they’ve played it.

For example, we’ve been through all sorts of real estate transactions and helped clients through the stressful process. We managed the paperwork and made sure everything went smoothly from listing to closing.

This experience means we’re prepared for just about anything, which is a huge plus for you. It’s like getting the inside scoop on how they work.

And remember, a good agent is someone with a real estate license. They’re someone who’s dedicated to making your selling experience successful.

3. Select an Agent with Strong Communication Skills

When selling your home, good communication with your real estate agent is like having a clear map in a dense forest. It’s essential. You want an agent who doesn’t just talk at you but talks with you.

Effective communication is a two-way street. It involves listening to your needs, explaining things in a way that makes sense, and keeping you updated every step of the way.

This becomes even more important in Airdrie, where the real estate market has its own set of rules.

At the Maverick Group, we put a big emphasis on communication. It’s about making the selling process as transparent and stress-free as possible. We keep you in the loop with regular updates, whether it’s about changes in the sale price or the progress of your transaction.

We’re always here to answer your questions, whether it’s about real estate terms you’re not familiar with or estate legal paperwork. In our view, a well-informed seller is a confident seller, and that’s what we aim for.

4. Value an Agent With Positive Client Testimonials and Reviews

Now, let’s talk about the importance of client testimonials and reviews. They’re like the report card for a real estate agent.

Good reviews from satisfied homebuyers or sellers tell you much about an agent’s track record and how they handle the real estate journey.

When looking for an agent, check out their online reviews and see what their previous clients have to say. These testimonials give you a real sense of what to expect. In our case, we’re proud of the feedback we’ve received from our clients in Airdrie.

They often mention our responsiveness and ability to understand their needs, which is required in the real estate game. They talk about how we’ve guided them through the entire selling process, from listing their home to the closing process.

This feedback isn’t just about patting ourselves on the back. It’s about showing potential clients like you that we’re dedicated to providing the best service possible. Remember, selling your home is a big financial decision.

It can be a busy and sometimes emotional part of your adult life. So, choosing the right agent – someone who communicates effectively and has a proven track record of satisfied clients – is key.

5. Insist on Professionalism and Integrity

The importance of professionalism and integrity in your real estate agent can’t be overstated. It’s like having a captain for your ship; you need someone who knows the ropes and steers you right.

This means having an honest, transparent, and ethical agent. Think about it: you’re making a big financial decision and want someone you trust to handle it with care.

Here at the Maverick Group, we treat every real estate transaction with the utmost seriousness.

We understand that selling your home is a big part of your life. That’s why we’re committed to being open and honest with you about every part of the selling process.

We’ll spare no details, from setting a fair sale price to explaining how real estate commissions work. It’s not just about making a sale; it’s about earning your trust and respect by doing things the right way.

6. Look for an Agent with Extensive Networking and Connections

Now, let’s chat about the benefits of working with a real estate agent with a strong network and connections. It’s like having a friend in every corner of the real estate game. A well-connected agent can open doors that others can’t.

They have relationships with their internal team, like:

  • Other real estate brokers
  • Mortgage consultants
  • And even real estate reporters, which is a huge advantage when selling your home.

To know if a real estate agent has an extensive network, ask them about their connections. A good agent will openly share how they collaborate with others in the industry.

They’ll discuss their links with other agents, mortgage advisors, and legal experts. Listen for specific examples of how their network has helped past clients.

They might mention times they’ve found a buyer quickly through their contacts or got early details about properties. These stories show their network is active and beneficial.

Also, see if they’re known in the local real estate community. This reputation often comes from having strong, helpful connections. 

For instance, our team has spent years building strong relationships within the real estate community. This network helps us spread the word about your property to more potential buyers.

It helps us tap into insights about the latest real estate market trends and often gives us a heads-up on opportunities before they hit the market. These are also useful with estate legal requirements or getting approvals from mortgage lenders.

In short, choosing a real estate agent with a network like ours means tapping into a whole ecosystem of real estate expertise.

It’s about giving you every possible advantage in the selling process, ensuring you get the best possible outcome when you decide to sell.

7. Prefer an Agent Who Is Adaptable and Innovative

The real estate market is always changing, and you need an agent who keeps up. Adaptable and innovative agents are like good navigators on a shifting sea.

They know how to handle unexpected turns and keep things moving in the right direction. This is even more important in Airdrie, where the market has ups and downs.

Look for an agent who uses new marketing techniques beyond traditional methods. These include virtual reality tours of your home, allowing potential buyers to get a feel for the property anywhere in the world.

Social media campaigns targeted to reach specific groups of potential buyers are also effective. Some agents might use drone photography to provide aerial views of your property, adding an impressive angle to your listing.

They might also tap into big data and analytics to identify the right buyers and tailor their marketing strategies. We at the Maverick Group understand that staying adaptable and innovative is key.

We closely monitor Airdrie’s real estate market trends and adjust our strategies accordingly. This means exploring new marketing techniques or finding unique ways to showcase your property to buyers.

It’s about being proactive and creative so your home stands out in the market.

Your Hassle-Free Selling Experience

Alright, so we’ve walked through the ins and outs of what makes a great real estate agent – and how it can make your selling journey in Airdrie a breeze. Now, if you’re nodding along, thinking, “Yes, this is exactly what I need,” then hey, why not give us a shout?

We’re the Maverick Group, and we’ve got all these qualities. But more than that, we’re just a friendly bunch who loves to make selling homes as easy as pie for folks like you. We’re a team ready to listen, guide, and sell your home without the fuss.

So, if you’re gearing up to sell and want a team that’s got your back, drop us a line. We’re here to chat, answer your questions, and maybe share a laugh or two along the way!

Derek Timmons

Derek Timmons

Derek is a top performing REALTOR® in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Aside from knowing the market, he uses his knowledge and experience in construction to help clients understand exactly what they’re in for when buying and selling real estate.


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