Check Out the Best Airdrie Neighbourhoods for Families

Are you a family looking to settle down in Airdrie, Alberta? There are many neighbourhoods to choose from. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect place for your family to call home.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll be highlighting the best Airdrie neighbourhoods for families. So you can make an informed decision and find the ideal community that meets all your needs.

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5. Canals – Best For Families Who Love Waterfront Views

So, you’re looking for the perfect neighbourhood for families in Airdrie. At our Top 7 is Canals, Aidrie’s own waterfront luxury!

I bet the picturesque canals and scenic walking trails will captivate you. You and your family won’t lack recreation here in Canals. Your kids will have plenty of space to run around and let their imaginations soar!

When it’s time for school, your children will have the Nose Creek Elementary School and Rocky View Schools nearby. No need to drive all the way to Calgary!

Speaking of convenience, Canals has Creekside Crossing Mall for your shopping needs. Don’t forget to check out the Sobeys Grocery Store too.

Need a delicious treat? Go visit Canal’s popular restaurants like Tequila & Tacos and Pizza Cottage. These are conveniently located in the neighbourhood’s vibrant commercial center.

Have you always dreamed of having a home near the relaxing sound of water? Then, Canals is the right place for you. Many residents can see the water straight from the window!

The most common housing option in Canals is the single-family detached homes. Think open layouts and two-car garages. Manicured yards are also the norm.

Your family will build many beautiful memories in front of beautiful waterfront views and scenic walking trails.

4. Bayside – Best for Hockey-Loving Families

Bayside is located on the western side of Airdrie. It’s most popular for its outdoor rink.

Bayside is like a mini NHL arena right in your backyard, where laughter, friendly competition, and frozen fun go hand-in-hand.

This delightful neighbourhood has everything you need to create a joyful and vibrant family life.

Let me tell you about the incredible amenities that make Bayside so special.

It has a daycare facility, so you can go to work with ease of mind. When it comes to shopping, Tower Lane Mall is the go-to destination.

Do you have a furry friend? Happy Paws Vet Clinic is there to ensure your pet receives top-notch care.

If you want to bring your family out for a treat, you have the Boardwalk Burgers and Pizza Cottage to satisfy your cravings.

What about if you need to pick up prescriptions? Look no further than Sandstone Pharmacies. It’s conveniently located right in the heart of the neighbourhood.

Spend time with your family in the great outdoors in Bayside Greenway. It’s the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll, soak up some sunshine, and breathe in the fresh air.

Aside from Bayside Greenway, you also have other green spaces, such as:

  • Bayview Park
  • Bayside Playground
  • and Sandpiper Park.

Your kids will have endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Now, let’s talk about housing options in Bayside. This neighbourhood offers a range of housing types that cater to every family’s needs.

All the way from cozy townhomes to spacious single-family homes. You’ll find a place that suits your lifestyle and budget.

3. Luxstone – Best for Laid-Back Families

Searching for peaceful living with a vibrant community atmosphere? Luxstone on the western side of Airdrie has got you.

Luxstone has all-rounder amenities to make your family life a breeze.

Its parks and trails give you the greenery you need to unwind and relax. You also have a nearby river with vibrant wildlife to strengthen your connection with nature.

Plus, Luxstone offers paved pathways that are perfect for:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Or rollerblading.

For your dining and night-out needs, you have quick access to:

  • Relaxing Thai massage
  • Pizza parlours
  • Convenience stores
  • and Nail salon

Let’s talk about the educational opportunities in and near Luxstone:

  • St. Martin de Porres High School offers French Immersion
  • Nose Creek Elementary School
  • AE Bowers Elementary School
  • Coopers Crossing Elementary School
  • WH Croxford High School
  • and Muriel Clayton Middle School.

Luxstone also understands the importance of fostering a sense of community. Neighbourhood green spaces and parks provide an ideal setting for families to meet their neighbours. Here, you’re set to form lasting friendships.

Watch as your children play and socialize with other kids!

And let’s not forget our lovable furry friends! Dog owners will appreciate the close proximity to the large off-leash area in the adjacent Nose Creek Regional Park.

When it comes to housing in Luxstone, you’ll find a variety of options that cater to your family’s needs. Yes, that includes spacious single-family homes. There are cozy townhomes available as well!

2. Waterstone – Best All-Around

Your family will feel right at home at Waterstone. It offers many amenities for your convenience! Here, you can easily access Yankee Valley Blvd with its:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Trails
  • And the prestigious Woods Golf Course.

The Sierra Shopping Centre is also just minutes away. It provides access to over 40 stores and a diverse array of amenities.

Education is a priority in Waterstone. AE Bowers Elementary School is within walking distance. Muriel Clayton Middle School and St. Martin de Porres High School are nearby in neighbouring communities.

You have options for:

  • Public
  • Separate
  • Private
  • And French Immersion education.

Need to unwind and connect with nature? Waterstone has an abundance of outdoor recreation to offer you. Enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in activities such as hiking and camping.

You can also have fun in winter sports, such as:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • And snowboarding.

All while you take in the breathtaking mountain scenery all around you! Here, tranquil living meets endless possibilities for family enjoyment.

1. King’s Heights – Best for Foodie Families

To locate King’s Heights, head east of Highway 2. It’s renowned for its:

  • Water features
  • Lush landscapes
  • And tree-lined streets.

Tree-lined streets are a favourite among residents!

Aside from that, what makes King’s Heights our number 1 choice? Here’s why King’s Heights is the ultimate destination for families like yours.


Education is a priority, and King’s Heights offers reputable local educational institutions:

  • Heloise Lorimer School serves Grades Pre-K to 5. It provides quality education for young learners in the neighbourhood.
  • Footprints for Learning Academy offers educational opportunities for children in the community.

Restaurant and Shopping

Indulge in a variety of culinary delights and convenient shopping options:

  • Pita Basket Mediterranean Grill. Delight your taste buds with Mediterranean flavours at this fantastic restaurant.
  • Mary Brown’s Chicken. Enjoy mouthwatering fried chicken and tasty treats.
  • Mio Stone Grill & Sushi. Experience a fusion of Japanese cuisine and sizzling stone grill specialties.
  • Ricky’s All Day Grill. Explore the diverse menu of delicious dishes in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Me British Pies Shop. Savour the flavours of traditional British pies made with love and authenticity.
  • Rob’s NoFrills Supermarket. Conveniently shop for groceries and daily essentials at this reliable supermarket.

Then there’s the Kingsview Market. It’s a bustling hub that features

  • a Save-On-Foods grocery store
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • and numerous other amenities to cater to your daily needs.

Green Spaces

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature within the eastern part of the neighbourhood. Discover:

  • Serene green spaces
  • Picturesque picnic areas
  • And charming spots like Kingsland View Playground and Marquis Place Park.

Outdoor Recreation

Enjoy an active lifestyle with the outdoor recreational options available in King’s Heights:

  • Kings Heights Soccer Field
  • Kingsview Park
  • And Kings Off-Leash Dog Park.

There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Nightlife Venues

Looking for evening entertainment? Explore the vibrant nightlife venues, such as Toad ‘n’ Turtle Pubhouse and Atlas Brewing. Experience fun-filled nights right at your doorstep!

Embrace the charm and endless opportunities that await you in King’s Heights. Your family’s perfect new home is here!

Is Airdrie Calgary a Good Place to Live?

Yes, Airdrie is a great place to live because of the following reasons:

  • Close proximity to Calgary
  • Family-friendly community
  • Affordable homes
  • Abundance of community events and activities
  • Strong sense of community
  • Natural beauty and outdoor opportunities
  • Low crime rates

Which Part of Airdrie Is the Best to Live?

The best place to live in Airdrie depends on your personal preferences. Do you dream of living on a waterfront? Canals is great for you.

Looking for a neighbourhood with lots of restaurants? King’s Heights will give your family many mouthwatering options!

Airdrie Is Family Friendly!

Airdrie has family-friendly amenities, top-rated schools, and safe communities. These neighbourhoods offer everything you need for a happy and fulfilling family life.

Need help determining which area suits your lifestyle and budget? Contact us, and we’ll walk you through each step of the way!

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