Airdrie Neighbourhood Guide: Where to Live in Airdrie, AB

Are you considering a move to Airdrie, Alberta? With its proximity to Calgary and affordable housing, it’s no wonder that Airdrie is becoming a popular place to live.

But with so many neighbourhoods, how do you choose the right one?

That’s where this guide comes in. Let’s take a deep dive into the different neighbourhoods in Airdrie. We’ll also highlight the best features of each.

Ready to start your search for the perfect Airdrie neighbourhood? Read on!

What You Need To Know About Airdrie

Before deciding to move to Airdrie, you should know what it has to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about this city.

Location and Climate

Airdrie is a city located just north of Calgary. It provides easy access to Calgary and other surrounding areas. That’s why it’s a popular choice for those who work in the city but prefer a quieter lifestyle.

What’s the climate like in Airdrie? Cold winters and warm summers. The city also experiences a significant amount of precipitation throughout the year.

Population and Demographics

As of 2022, Airdrie has a population of over 80,000 people. It’s also one of the FASTEST-GROWING cities in Canada.

Airdrie is a relatively young city, with a median age of 35.6 years old. The city also has a diverse population with a mix of ethnicities and cultures.

Airdrie is mainly made up of families with children. The city has a high percentage of married couples and a low percentage of single residents.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Airdrie varies per person. But one thing’s for sure: it’s around 10% lower than the Alberta average.

Most goods and services are also more affordable than in bigger cities like Calgary.


One of the most convenient transportation options is the Airdrie Transit. This system offers a commuter bus service that connects Airdrie to downtown Calgary. It’s an excellent option for those who commute to work.

Airdrie also has an extensive network of bike lanes and paths. This makes it easy and safe to cycle to work or for leisure.

Schools and Education

Within the city limits are several public and private schools. Airdrie also has great Montessori and Catholic schools. There are even options for post-secondary education in the city. Here’s a list of schools in Airdrie:

  • Rocky View Schools
  • Heloise Lorimer School
  • Meadowbrook Middle School
  • Bert Church High School
  • Bow Valley College Airdrie Campus

Airdrie also offers alternative education opportunities for its students. Here are some examples:

  • Airdrie Public Library
  • Alberta Distance Learning Centre
  • French Immersion Programs
  • High-Performance Hockey Programs

Recreation and Entertainment

Airdrie has plenty of entertainment and recreational opportunities.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Nose Creek Park is a must-visit. This beautiful park features walking paths, picnic areas, and a playground for kids. It’s also home to the famous Airdrie Festival of Lights during the holiday season.

For indoor entertainment, the Genesis Place Recreation Centre is the go-to spot. It has something for everyone! This includes a pool, indoor track, fitness centre, and ice rinks. There’s also a climbing wall and various fitness classes and programs.

Safety and Crime Rates

Airdrie has a relatively low crime rate compared to other cities in Alberta. The most recent numbers show the overall crime rate in Airdrie is lower than the provincial average.

The community of Airdrie is safer than 74% of the Canadian cities.


The city is home to the Airdrie Community Health Centre, which provides a range of services. This includes primary care, mental health support, and addiction services. The facility also houses a laboratory and diagnostic imaging services.

There are also several medical clinics and pharmacies throughout the city. This means residents can access a variety of healthcare professionals within the city.

Job Market and Economy

Airdrie has a diverse economy with a range of industries. This includes agriculture, manufacturing, and retail.

In recent years, Airdrie’s economy has been growing steadily. This growth has led to increased job opportunities. It is most evident in the construction and retail sectors.

The median household income in Airdrie is also higher than the national average. As such, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking employment opportunities and financial stability.

Airdrie Real Estate

With a growing population and a strong economy, Airdrie is a great place to invest in real estate. But before you start house hunting, it’s essential to understand the local real estate market and what to expect.

Property Types

In Airdrie, you’re sure to find a property that suits your needs!

The city has spacious single-family homes. These homes also offer outdoor spaces the whole family can enjoy.

Airdrie also has cozy townhouses and modern condos. The well-manicured homes are perfect for young professionals, small families, and retirees.

Average House Prices

As of 2021, the average house price in Airdrie is around $487,200.

The average house price in Airdrie has steadily increased over the past few years. This is due to population growth, a strong economy, and low interest rates.

As the city continues to grow and develop, house prices will likely continue to rise.

Airdrie Realtors

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Airdrie, you’ll want to work with a reputable Airdrie Realtor.

Our real estate professionals at Maverick Group have ample experience, knowledge, and connections. We can also help you navigate the local real estate market and achieve your goals.

We have a proven track record for success in the Airdrie real estate market. So if you need any assistance, get in touch with us!

Airdrie Neighbourhoods to Live

Airdrie is a great city to consider when looking for neighbourhoods to live in. It offers a variety of parks, schools, shopping centres, and restaurants. Here are some of Airdrie’s top neighbourhoods to live in:


Bayside is known for its picturesque location, with homes backing onto the tranquil waters of the Canals. It also offers easy access to amenities such as parks, schools, and playgrounds.

  • Family-friendly waterfront community
  • Easy access to different local amenities


Cobblestone is known for its quiet streets and family-friendly atmosphere. The community also hosts various events and activities throughout the year. As such, it brings neighbours together and creates a strong sense of community.

  • Quiet neighbourhood
  • Ideal for raising a family

Coopers Crossing

Coopers Crossing is home to many luxurious houses. The community also has a golf course with scenic views of the Rockies. It also has natural wetlands perfect for fishing or birdwatching.

  • Upscale neighbourhood
  • Great for families and outdoor enthusiasts


Hillcrest is a vibrant and diverse community. The area boasts a variety of shops, restaurants, and parks. It also has excellent schools, making it ideal for families. With its friendly residents, Hillcrest is one of the best neighbourhoods in Airdrie.

  • Family-friendly community
  • Beautiful parks and green spaces for outdoor recreation


Jensen is a serene and peaceful neighbourhood in Airdrie. The community has spacious homes and lots of green spaces. It also offers a small-town feel, making it perfect for those who value privacy.

  • Quiet neighbourhood
  • Ideal for those who value peace and privacy

King’s Heights

King’s Heights is ideal for families. It has excellent amenities like the YMCA and hiking or biking trails. It also provides easy access to Calgary’s downtown area.

  • Family-friendly neighbourhood
  • Easy access to downtown Calgary


Lanark is a growing community that offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment. It also provides plenty of amenities and services like parks, schools, shopping centres, and restaurants.

  • Comfortable neighbourhood
  • Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts


Luxstone offers newer single-family homes and condos. The community also has large green spaces and clean streets. Local amenities include grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and many more.

  • Newer neighbourhood
  • Plenty of green spaces and local amenities


Midtown is a growing area with residential, commercial, and industrial development. It’s also conveniently located near major highways, providing easy access to Calgary and nearby areas.

  • All-in-one community
  • Ideal for a suburban lifestyle with the convenience of city living


Meadowbrook is a peaceful residential neighbourhood, making it perfect for retirees. The area has beautiful parks, including Chinook Winds Park. It also has plenty of recreational amenities, making it ideal for those who enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

  • Mature neighbourhood
  • Ideal for a convenient lifestyle

Prairie Springs

Prairie Springs is a beautiful and diverse community with plenty of housing options. It’s known for its picturesque parks and green spaces, making it ideal for families with children and pets.

  • Pet-friendly community
  • Balance between small-town and city living 


Ravenswood is a relatively new community in Airdrie. The area is known for its proximity to major transportation routes. It offers a quiet atmosphere with the conveniences of city life. As such, this neighbourhood is a popular choice for families and young professionals.

  • Newer neighbourhood
  • Access to major transportation routes


Sagewood is arguably the safest neighbourhood in Airdrie. That’s why it has become a popular spot for families. Homes in Sagewood are also affordable and offer lots of open space. The neighbourhood is also close to Rock View County, Calgary, and Nose Creek Park.

  • Scenic views and a safe community
  • Ideal for families and young professionals

Silver Creek

Silver Creek is a peaceful community that offers a wide range of housing options. This includes single-family homes, townhouses, and duplexes. The neighbourhood also offers plenty of options for public transportation, making it easy to commute to other parts of Airdrie.

  • Plenty of housing options
  • Easy commute to and from the city


Thorburn is a quiet and peaceful residential area that offers a great quality of life for its residents. The people in the community are also friendly and welcoming, making it ideal for those who value a tight-knit community.

  • Offers an excellent quality of life
  • Ideal for young professionals, families, and retirees


Willowbrook is a popular residential area in Airdrie. It offers a serene environment for its residents with its beautiful parks, playgrounds, and walking trails. Willowbrook is the perfect place to live, work, and play!

  • Serene community
  • Offers a balanced lifestyle for its residents


Windsong is designed to provide a comfortable lifestyle to its residents. It offers easy access to local amenities like schools, shopping centres, playgrounds, and walking trails. The community is also safe and welcoming, making it perfect for families and retirees.

  • Convenient and welcoming community
  • Ideal for raising a family or enjoying a peaceful retirement

How to Choose the Right Airdrie Neighbourhood

Choosing the right neighbourhood in Airdrie can be daunting, especially if you are new to the area. But fear not! With some research and planning, you can find the perfect neighbourhood to call home.

  1. Determine your budget. Airdrie has a range of neighbourhoods with varying home prices. So, it’s essential to know what you can afford. This will help you narrow your home search and make the process easier.
  2. Consider your lifestyle. Which amenities are important to you? For example, do you want to be close to parks and green spaces? Or are you more interested in shopping and restaurants? Do you need to be close to schools or public transportation?
  3. Evaluate the community vibe. Take a drive or walk through different neighbourhoods. Then, see if you can picture yourself living there. Are the residents friendly and welcoming? Is there a sense of community and pride in the area?
  4. Research crime rates. Check the crime statistics in the neighbourhoods you are considering. Why should you do this? It’s because you should feel safe and secure in your new home. Always put your safety above anything else.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision. These will also help you find the perfect home in Airdrie.

Where to Live in Airdrie, Alberta

Airdrie has a neighbourhood for everyone! It caters to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. This includes young professionals, growing families, and retirees seeking a peaceful environment.

So, take the time to explore each neighbourhood. Then, find the one that fits your lifestyle and needs best. No matter where you end up, you’ll be sure to enjoy everything Airdrie has to offer.

Contact us today so we can help you search for the perfect home in Airdrie!

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