Join Airdrie Neighbourhood Associations for Community Vibe

Have you ever wondered how to get that warm, fuzzy feeling of belonging when you step outside your single-family home?

Or perhaps you’re eyeing some homes for sale in the area but want to get the real scoop on the community vibe? Well, you’re in luck!

Finding the perfect neighbourhood means discovering an indescribable sense of community. It’s the community associations that give a place its heartbeat, turning Airdrie AB from just another location on the map to a home.

So buckle up as we explore the creme de la creme of neighbourhood associations in Airdrie, Alberta! Associations that will not just enrich your life but might also up the ante when you look at your community newsletter!

Airdrie Festival of Lights Society

Meet one of Airdrie’s most magical community events—the Airdrie Festival of Lights.

It’s like stepping into a real-life winter wonderland with twinkling lights stretched as far as the eye can see. And it’s all set up right here in Airdrie, Alberta!

Every December, this annual festival transforms the heart of our town into a luminous playground for the holiday season. From twinkling displays to train rides that make you feel like you’re in a holiday movie, this festival has got something for everyone.

And guess what? The celebration often finds itself in the community newsletter, making us all proud Airdrie residents!

The Volunteer Spirit

When you think about opportunities to volunteer, you might not consider being a light mechanic or a winter wonderland curator. Yet, that’s what hundreds of local volunteers do every year! The Airdrie Festival of Lights Society is a community-driven powerhouse.

Yes, this festival is largely volunteer-run! This means the beautiful community of Airdrie pulls together to make this event happen. Volunteers set up light displays. They also manage activities and oversee the logistics of turning Airdrie into a holiday paradise.

Airdrie Edge Gymnastics Club

Welcome to a place where your flips, jumps, and tumbles are celebrated—Airdrie Edge Gymnastics Club! This club is found at the Genesis Place multi-sport recreational centre in Airdrie, Alberta.

This facility offers so much more than a simple gym setup. This is where kids, adults, and everyone in between come to discover the joy of gymnastics.

How to Get Involved

Wondering how to get started? A visit to Genesis Place is all it takes to get a feel for what Airdrie Edge offers.

Their accommodating programs make it easy for families to get involved. Programs include drop-in sessions and more structured classes.

So why not make gymnastics a family affair? It’s a fantastic way to bond while embracing a lifestyle focused on healthy living.

Airdrie Meals on Wheels

A service that brings the comfort of a home-cooked meal right to your doorstep, particularly when you need it the most? That’s what Airdrie Meals on Wheels is all about.

Operating in Airdrie since 1983, this non-profit society is a gem in our community. They offer nutritious and affordable meals five days a week, with options for extra meals to carry you through the weekend.


Just like the warm meals they deliver, the people behind Airdrie Meals on Wheels are the true heart of the operation.

The entire system is volunteer-run, making it a pillar for volunteer Airdrie opportunities. Delivering meals or sitting on the Board of Directors, there are various ways you can contribute.

Wondering if you can be a part of this amazing service? You need to be at least 18 years old and have a vehicle with valid insurance if you wish to be a driver.

All volunteers also go through a police security check, which is paid for by Volunteer Alberta through Airdrie Meals on Wheels. If you’re interested, they’re just a phone call or email away.

  • By Phone: 403-815-1400
  • By Email:

Community Links

When you hear “community,” what comes to mind? Neighbours, schools, businesses, or local events? Community Links takes that notion and amplifies it.

Community Links is a non-profit registered charity that is a cornerstone for support services across all stages of life. From pregnancy to seniors, they’ve got something for everyone. With a remarkable history of 40+ years serving communities, their mission is more relevant than ever.

Services and Programs

Community Links is a comprehensive support system. The list of services provided is extensive, catering to various aspects of community life.

Whether you’re a parent seeking guidance, a teenager needing support, or a senior looking for benefits, Community Links offers it all. And it’s all made possible by a strong employee base who are the backbone of the various community activities offered.

Airdrie Health Foundation

Health is wealth, as the saying goes. But what happens when your community lacks essential healthcare services? Enter the Airdrie Health Foundation.

This foundation was established to raise funds for critical healthcare needs. The story behind its inception serves as a dire wake-up call about the importance of accessible healthcare services.

The Story That Sparked Change

In 2009, the Bates family experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. Their five-year-old son, Lane, became suddenly and seriously ill during the night.

Without a 24-hour emergency medical care facility in Airdrie, the family couldn’t get the help they desperately needed in time to save their son.

That was the tipping point; the Bates family knew something had to change. Thus, the Airdrie Health Foundation was born.

The Airdrie Health Foundation is always open to contributions. Through funding or volunteering, your involvement could be a lifeline for someone else. Every donation goes toward health services, equipment, and educating the community.

Airdrie Over 50 Club

Age is but a number, especially when you have a community that fosters friendship, recreation, and a sense of belonging.

Welcome to the Airdrie Over 50 Club! A community association that is a treasure trove of activities, social connections, and good vibes for the 50+ crowd in Airdrie, Alberta.

Getting Involved

Thinking about joining? The Airdrie Over 50 Club is always open to new members. The club’s offering isn’t just limited to leisure benefits.

It’s a whole package of social interaction, physical activity, and an opportunity to contribute to a beautiful community.

You can drop by to check out the activities and environment for yourself! And you’ll likely find that the quality of services provided by the club enhances life in Airdrie in a unique way.

Rocky View Foundation

As we age, finding the right housing situation that meets our needs, both financially and emotionally, can be stressful.

Enter the Rocky View Foundation, a beacon of hope for seniors in the Rocky View, Alberta region. By offering affordable housing, they ensure that elders can live without breaking the bank.

The Services

Rocky View Foundation isn’t just about providing a place to stay. They focus on creating a warm, inviting environment where seniors feel at home.

The staff are not just employees, but they’re specially trained individuals who have years of experience in senior care. They treat each resident like family, adding an extra layer of comfort and safety to the community they serve.

Airdrie & District Ag Society – Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies

When people think of community associations, they often think of leisure, green spaces, and activities. But there’s another layer to community involvement that connects the area’s agricultural history with its modern fabric.

We’re talking about the Airdrie & District Agricultural Society. It is an organization deeply rooted in the community since 1909.

A Hub for Education and Fun

At first glance, this organization might seem like it’s all about farming and ranching. But dive a little deeper, and you’ll find that it’s much more.

They’re about education, business opportunities, sports, and, above all, family fun. The society offers the following treasure trove of activities and learning opportunities:

  • Supporting steer shows and 4-H programs
  • Offering scholarships
  • Hosting free, family-friendly events.

Airdrie is the Place to Call Home

In Airdrie, life is so much more than just finding the right property or browsing homes for sale.

If you’re passionate about volunteering, Airdrie is a goldmine of opportunities. These associations are just a few associations that rely heavily on volunteers.

So, not only do you have a chance to engage with the community on a daily basis, but you also have the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and make the move to Airdrie! Get in touch with The Maverick Group today and take the first step toward finding your dream home in a community that’s bursting with life!

Derek Timmons

Derek Timmons

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