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A huge thank you to all our clients who chose Maverick Group for all their real estate needs. It’s been an unforgettable experience making your dreams come true! If you’ve enjoyed working with us, please feel free to leave a review here.

Brian Gall Avatar
Brian Gall
10/10/2022 - Google

I cannot say enough about Derek and his team. Right from the beginning of the process, through to the sale of my home, all were extremely helpful and professional. Any... read more

Devon Avatar
9/17/2022 - Google

Derek is THE hardest working guy you could possibly get working for you. He has a wide array of knowledge that comes into play when buying a home. UPDATE: After... read more

Jordan Villafuerte Avatar
Jordan Villafuerte
9/17/2022 - Google

I would like to thank Derek and his team, specifically Samantha and Darren for doing a tremendous job helping me sell my condo unit just recently. Before I went with... read more

Lisa O'Sullivan Avatar
Lisa O'Sullivan
9/17/2022 - Google

Working with Derek was terrific, from start to finish. From the beginning, he patiently answered all of my many questions. He helped us to prepare for the sale of our... read more

Sabrina vandenBrink Avatar
Sabrina vandenBrink
9/17/2022 - Google

Great Knowledgeable realtor in Calgary. Easy to work with and very accountable.

Sheena Jarvis Avatar
Sheena Jarvis
9/17/2022 - Google

I honestly can't say enough about Derek & Darren. They made the whole process of selling our home so easy, they just stepped in and took care of so many... read more

Lorraine Roberts Avatar
Lorraine Roberts
9/17/2022 - Google

Derek has been absolutely amazing throughout this whole process, going so far above and beyond for me. His knowledge and experience made everything so easy! 10/10, thank you... read more

Nader Abouali Avatar
Nader Abouali
8/17/2022 - Google

Derek, Darren, Samantha, and the rest of the Maverick group were a pleasure to work with! There was no pushing, rushing, or time frame for my first-time home purchase. They... read more

Amanda Evans Avatar
Amanda Evans
8/17/2022 - Google

Hey Google! Ok so if you are reading this you want the down low on Derek! Well first of all I am not by any stretch a person who likes... read more

wendy vautour Avatar
wendy vautour
7/17/2022 - Google

Derek and his team made it so easy in selling our home. As a new mum and dad looking to sell our house we had very little time to do... read more

James Irvine Avatar
James Irvine
7/17/2022 - Google

I’ve known Derek for many years, since his days of being a contractor before becoming a Realtor. He is the same honest, hardworking, sincere person today as he was... read more

Lisa Schielke Avatar
Lisa Schielke
6/17/2022 - Google

Derek was amazing! I was at a very difficult time in my life and he was so helpful. He helped me find a new home for my children and I,... read more

Jeremy Nieva Avatar
Jeremy Nieva
6/17/2022 - Google

Derek is plain and simple the best realtor I have met! His knowledge regarding building houses is apparent as soon as you walk into the first house he shows you.... read more

Johannah Schultz Avatar
Johannah Schultz
6/17/2022 - Google

We were referred to Derek from our trusted real estate agent in BC while looking for a new property in Calgary. I came across a listing that I felt like... read more

Sonia Badger Avatar
Sonia Badger
5/18/2022 - Google

Derek's personable character, coupled with his realtor/industry knowledge, made me feel comfortable during the process of selling my residence. He also had recommendation to a lawyer's office for the wrap-up... read more

Morgan Dakin Avatar
Morgan Dakin
5/11/2022 - Google

Derek and his team were friendly, hard working and very patient and helpful with me as a first time home seller. Always available and willing to answer questions; I felt... read more

Elise Stiphout Avatar
Elise Stiphout
5/04/2022 - Google

I work in new home sales, yet when it came to selling my own home I needed a lot more care and attention than I thought I would have! Derek’s... read more

Sharlene Quian Avatar
Sharlene Quian
5/04/2022 - Google

Derek was extremely responsive and knowledgeable on the value of my home and how to best market it, and identifying items that can be done at low cost to improve... read more

Reid Anderson Avatar
Reid Anderson
4/27/2022 - Google

Derek was recommended to me through a family member and exceeded all my expectations. He was always available to answer questions and helped support me through every step of the... read more

Sheena Purdy Avatar
Sheena Purdy
4/25/2022 - Google

10/10 recommend Derek! Great guy. He has made this whole experience amazing even tho the market is crazy! We are first time home buyers and he has helped us with... read more

Lynn Harper Avatar
Lynn Harper
4/25/2022 - Google

From the first time we reachout to Derek Timmons he answered immediately. He was a true professioal. During negotiations we always felt like Derek had our best interest in mind.We... read more

Lynn Dunsmuir Avatar
Lynn Dunsmuir
3/25/2022 - Google

Derek was a pleasure to work with! We were unsure about selling our home, but considered it due to the hot market. Derek never once pressured us to make a... read more

Mike Brodziak Avatar
Mike Brodziak
3/25/2022 - Google

I was extremely impressed by how fast my house sold! I had an offer roughly 7 days after contacting him! House sold, and the owner takes possession in less than... read more

Oliver Eaton Avatar
Oliver Eaton
3/25/2022 - Google

They say Disney World and its Cast members make dreams come true; I strongly disagree with that statement. Those people obviously have not bought a house with Derek Timmons, @... read more

Veronica Eaton Avatar
Veronica Eaton
3/25/2022 - Google

We found Derek online and contacted him since we had decided to buy a house. As first time home buyers we knew very little about what is involved in buying... read more

Leonard Zyderveld Avatar
Leonard Zyderveld
2/25/2022 - Google

Derek did an amazing job with the sale of my current home and purchase of my new home. At our first meeting he had a comprehensive plan to sell and... read more

Randee Coubrough Avatar
Randee Coubrough
2/25/2022 - Google

His voicemail makes him sound miserable, but give a guy a chance... !!! Once the offer was accepted and conditions were removed Derek was doing cartwheels in our new basement... read more

Alex Smith Avatar
Alex Smith
2/25/2022 - Google

Derek made the house shopping way less stressful. During this crazy market at these times Derek was able to assist and make the house hunting such a better experience. Derek... read more

Jessica Laikram Avatar
Jessica Laikram
2/25/2022 - Google

At first, my family and I did not know what to expect when trying to find a house in a new province. Believe it or not it took us one... read more

Mel Roux Avatar
Mel Roux
2/25/2022 - Google

With the market being crazy right now, Derek was going above and beyond to find house for us to visit as soon as possible. He was very professional and friendly... read more

Kim North Avatar
Kim North
1/25/2022 - Google

Derek, Thank You for your stress free approach to selling me my new home in Alberta. I am a buyer from Toronto …. Derek said he would “ find me... read more

Darren Givlin Avatar
Darren Givlin
1/25/2022 - Google

Let me just start off with this: we couldn’t have been pickier clients If we tried. ESPECIALLY for a first time buying a home and man did Derek deliver.I can... read more

Vicki Luu Avatar
Vicki Luu
1/25/2022 - Google

Purchasing your first home is certainly not a walk in the park but Derek paved the way along this process even with the hiccups that came up. After months... read more

Ammoree Amankwah Avatar
Ammoree Amankwah
12/25/2021 - Google

Derek is a great friend and colleague. He is “that guy” that came out of nowhere and in a very short time the entire company knew who he was. He... read more

Christina Oxley Avatar
Christina Oxley
12/25/2021 - Google

There is really no words that can describe the quality of service that we received, and it didn't stop there he went over and above all expectations of any Realtor!... read more

Jean Mcclean Avatar
Jean Mcclean
11/25/2021 - Google

If you want a real estate agent who is personable, very communicative and extremely helpful, then Derek is the agent for you! He is masterful at handling any problems which... read more

Meghan Handby Avatar
Meghan Handby
11/25/2021 - Google

Derek was not our personal agent but the agent on the other side. We sold 2 homes this year and purchased 1. The whole process was smooth and comfortable... read more

Maya Yamamoto Avatar
Maya Yamamoto
11/25/2021 - Google

We are so happy to have found Derek and we loved working with him and his team. Our house was listed on the market on Oct 19th and he sold... read more

Rick Hennessey Avatar
Rick Hennessey
10/25/2021 - Google

Derek is every knowledgeable and professional. He mixes that with a great personality who went out of his way to accommodate our schedule. His relationships with other realtors gave us... read more

Toni Plouffe Avatar
Toni Plouffe
10/25/2021 - Google

He is a very savvy realtor and shows outstanding professionalism in real estate. His patience and negotiating skills are incredible. I listened to all his advice and my house sold... read more

Trent Uhrich Avatar
Trent Uhrich
10/17/2021 - Google

Top Notch Service Derek Timmons is hands down an excellent realtor!! Derek is professional , personable, knows the industry and really cares about the business. Backstory: We had already... read more

erika Bernal Avatar
erika Bernal
10/17/2021 - Google

Derek was amazing to work with…as first time sellers we had lots of questions and he patiently answered them and has guided us through the process. Knowledgeable, professional and super... read more

Kurtis Frauscher Avatar
Kurtis Frauscher
10/17/2021 - Google

I remember when I first met Derek two years Ago and inquired about selling my dads home. I explained the situation that my father had passed and he was... read more

erika Bernal Avatar
erika Bernal
9/25/2021 - Google

Derek was amazing to work with…as first time sellers we had lots of questions and he patiently answered them and has guided us through the process. Knowledgeable, professional and super... read more

Tara Kendall Avatar
Tara Kendall
9/25/2021 - Google

I was wanting to sell my house and searched for realtors, after reading Dereks reviews, I wanted to see what he could do, he was still fairly new, but I... read more

Wayne Sampson Avatar
Wayne Sampson
9/25/2021 - Google

I am extremely pleased with Derek and his team. They generated great interest in our listed condo and the many showings in a short period resulted in two offers,... read more

DapoDami Ojedokun Avatar
DapoDami Ojedokun
9/25/2021 - Google

Derek is amazing….he definitely made our live so easy during this process. He was very accommodating and understanding of our busy schedule. I found Derek online and he responded to... read more

T Wilkie Avatar
T Wilkie
9/25/2021 - Google

Was a pleasure to work with Derek to sell my property. He is responsive and professional. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a positive experience buying... read more

Evan wishnevetski Avatar
Evan wishnevetski
8/25/2021 - Google

Buying and selling a home is never the easiest transaction someone has to do. There is always emotions, and the fear of the unknown. Recently my wife and I... read more

Nitin Puri Avatar
Nitin Puri
8/25/2021 - Google

Derek was referred to us by a friend who had recently purchased a home in Airdrie. My wife and I live in Saudi Arabia, and even with the time difference... read more

Leyton Peterson Avatar
Leyton Peterson
8/25/2021 - Google

Derek was excellent. We have never moved before and everything about the process was new to us. Derek walked us through the process, he was honest about the properties he... read more

Matt D Avatar
Matt D
8/25/2021 - Google

Derek was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him. Very positive and professional. He’s a great communicator and pretty much always available. It’s pretty obvious... read more

Radowan Chowdhury Avatar
Radowan Chowdhury
8/25/2021 - Google

We could not recommend Derek enough. We were so grateful to have his help in selling our home. He was considerate in this advice to us from offer to sale.... read more

surrey clinic Avatar
surrey clinic
8/25/2021 - Google

Derek Timmons kicks ass! I live in Vancouver, BC and had hired a different low-cost broker who was very unprofessional and lacked motivation--she was horrendous to say the least.... read more

Ramandip Saroya Avatar
Ramandip Saroya
8/25/2021 - Google

One of the best realtor I had. Very professional,Honest and really calm personality .He was very responsive and worked hard to get our dream house! We weren’t sure it would... read more

Tamara Cutajar Avatar
Tamara Cutajar
7/25/2021 - Google

Thank you 🙏 it really has been quite the journey, having you with me through this process was extremely valuable and highly appreciated. Your work is outstanding and you have... read more

Leo Hall-Hoffarth Avatar
Leo Hall-Hoffarth
7/25/2021 - Google

Being out of province we were looking for an experienced relator to ensure we had the right representation and that the transaction was both professional and efficient. Derek and his... read more

Amitoj Bhogal Avatar
Amitoj Bhogal
7/25/2021 - Google

Working with Derek was a pleasure. He took the time to understand what we were looking for and we were given lots of time and space to look at places... read more

Mike Hrynenko Avatar
Mike Hrynenko
7/25/2021 - Google

Derek was extremely awesome to work with on the sale of our home, which was our first home.We met a few weeks prior to listing, made a plan and got... read more

Dan McBain Avatar
Dan McBain
7/25/2021 - Google

We started our home search not wanting to rush into a house but to find a home we wanted. There was no pressure to make offers or close a deal.... read more

alejandro galaviz Avatar
alejandro galaviz
6/25/2021 - Google

I have to say that Derek as a realtor exceeded our expectations. We went through 2 different realtors and their methods did not work with us. When we compare their... read more

Denise C Avatar
Denise C
6/25/2021 - Google

If you don’t have time to read a novel, I’ll give you the in a nutshell version: Go with Derek!!!! Our family was facing an out of province move and... read more

Kara Powers Avatar
Kara Powers
6/25/2021 - Google

Choosing Derek as my listing agent was a no brainer. The house filled with a positive energy the minute he arrived. He's attentive without being pushy, he's a problem solver,... read more

Shaheena Kassam Avatar
Shaheena Kassam
6/25/2021 - Google

Derek was an excellent realtor to work with. My husband and I worked with him and the research he did to determine a listing price. Derek was able... read more

Alysa Allan Avatar
Alysa Allan
6/25/2021 - Google

Derek has been wonderful to work with. Professional, attentive, and easy going, which we appreciated. As first time home sellers, we had a lot of questions; all were answered promptly... read more

Susan Browning Avatar
Susan Browning
5/25/2021 - Google

When it comes to buying or selling a home Derek Timmons is passionate and dedicated. His positive attitude is infectious and helped to take the stress out of a... read more

Crystal Avatar
5/25/2021 - Google

I would highly recommend using Derek as your realtor! Buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming, but Derek has a way of making the whole process look easy. He... read more

shawn robinson Avatar
shawn robinson
5/25/2021 - Google

My fiancé and I had the pleasure of purchasing a home with the help of our realtor and friend Derek Timmons . He was always very accommodating and helpful .... read more

Jay Vaughan Avatar
Jay Vaughan
5/25/2021 - Google

Best Realtor In Calgary!. Experienced, organized, motivated and new age. What else do you want when buying or selling your property?? Trust Derek with your needs!

Gaylene White Avatar
Gaylene White
5/25/2021 - Google

Great experience. Derek is on top of things and makes sure you are aware of what is happening. He is professional and very understanding. Very passionate about his job which... read more

Michal Szymala Avatar
Michal Szymala
5/25/2021 - Google

My wife and I have been looking at homes for a while and once we got into contact with Derek, we were incredibly impressed. He helped us secure the dream... read more

Jamie McLachlin Avatar
Jamie McLachlin
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek recently sold my sister's house and it was such an awesome experience for her, I had to share! What started off as an emotional and hard experience for her,... read more

Matthew Kane Avatar
Matthew Kane
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek Timmons is such a great realtor. He is so kind, thoughtful, patient and honest. I would highly recommend him if you are needing to buy or sell. Derek really... read more

Steph Bradley Avatar
Steph Bradley
5/25/2021 - Google

I first met Derek at one his open houses in my complex and he was nothing but friendly and professional the entire time. As I was just beginning... read more

Taylor Mackinnon Avatar
Taylor Mackinnon
5/25/2021 - Google

My family and I just bought our first home through Derek. He made sure we were well informed and any questions we had were answered to the best of his... read more

Pamela Gourlay Avatar
Pamela Gourlay
5/25/2021 - Google

Working with Derek was a great experience. He makes a stressful situation so much easier. He actually sold our house before it was even listed. He gave great advice... read more

Jenel Brown Avatar
Jenel Brown
5/25/2021 - Google

Where do I even begin!? I don’t know what we would have done without Derek's knowledge, guidance, and support. Truly could not have asked for a better agent or experience.... read more

Stephen Maynard Avatar
Stephen Maynard
5/25/2021 - Google

We enlisted Derek's service for a corporate relocation to Calgary, AB and couldn't have asked for a better realtor. He was responsive, compassionate, professional, and just a pleasure to deal... read more

Holly Vaughan Avatar
Holly Vaughan
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek has gone above and beyond the usual services of any realtor. I would confidently recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. If you are looking... read more

Thomas Hartman Avatar
Thomas Hartman
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek has been an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Everything you could ask for in a Real Estate Professional. He is the real deal, and he... read more

Dan Givlin Avatar
Dan Givlin
5/25/2021 - Google

My wife and I are moving to Calgary, so I initially met Derek through a referral. Here in Ontario, my company literally does business with hundreds of real estate... read more

Jenn Givlin Avatar
Jenn Givlin
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek went above and beyond to help us get the house of our dreams. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell, he always has... read more

Abram Finnan Avatar
Abram Finnan
5/25/2021 - Google

As a first time home buyer it felt as though Derek truly had my best interests in mind. He knew what I wanted and actually talked me out of some... read more

Nelda Robertson Avatar
Nelda Robertson
5/25/2021 - Google

In a word to describe our experience with Derek Timmons ......."Stupendous". You get the "full meal deal" so to speak from Derek. He is very down to earth,... read more

Jessica Staden Avatar
Jessica Staden
5/25/2021 - Google

I had the pleasure of working with Derek who helped me purchase the perfect home for my daughter and I, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience! Not only... read more

Justin Avatar
5/25/2021 - Google

All of these positive reviews are spot on! Derek is a true professional and working with him was such a breeze! He always had a quick solution for every situation... read more

Samantha Roth Avatar
Samantha Roth
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek helped us SELL our home in a quick and professional manner! He was so friendly and really tended to our needs as first time home sellers. His... read more

Kelly Clarke Avatar
Kelly Clarke
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek sold my home in less that 24 hours over asking price! Enough said right? Well a little back ground... This sale was highly emotional for me... read more

Azaz Ahmed Avatar
Azaz Ahmed
5/25/2021 - Google

Extremely knowledgeable about the market, superior customer service and was with us in every step of the way. Sold our property at asking price within a week. Would recommend Derek... read more

Kurtis Frauscher Avatar
Kurtis Frauscher
5/25/2021 - Google

I remember when I first met Derek two yearsAgo and inquired about selling my dads home. I explained the situation that my father had passed and he was extremely... read more

Juan Galindo Avatar
Juan Galindo
5/25/2021 - Google

If I had so sum our experience with Derek in one word, it would have to be OUTSTANDING. Buying a house is a daunting task and even more daunting when... read more

Chantelle Lessard Avatar
Chantelle Lessard
5/25/2021 - Google

Recently had the pleasure of working with Derek on selling our home in South Calgary. We met a couple of realtors, and ultimately chose Derek for a couple of... read more

Tracey Mills Avatar
Tracey Mills
5/25/2021 - Google

We are relocating from Winnipeg to Calgary and Derek has been absolutely amazing to work with! He made sure he was available to take us around to see a ton... read more

Chris W Avatar
Chris W
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek was very helpful when my wife and I were trying to find our first home and guided us through the process, since we had never done this before. After... read more

Alex Kwadrans Avatar
Alex Kwadrans
5/25/2021 - Google

We had an excellent experience with Derek. He was professional and always made us feel like we were his only clients. He was very responsive to messages and was always... read more

Darek T (YamahaGuy) Avatar
Darek T (YamahaGuy)
5/25/2021 - Google

What an awesome experience, Derek was so lucky to have the chance to work with me. (haha). On a serious note, I felt like Derek treated me not just a... read more

Kyla Poffenroth Avatar
Kyla Poffenroth
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek was amazing to work with. We had a lot ups and downs and bumps along the way but he was supportive and stood by us every step of the... read more

shelley barrineau Avatar
shelley barrineau
5/25/2021 - Google

My husband and I were transferred to Phoenix and had to leave in short order. We are very experienced at home buying and building homes all over North America. My... read more

Trent Uhrich Avatar
Trent Uhrich
5/25/2021 - Google

Top Notch ServiceDerek Timmons is hands down an excellent realtor!! Derek is professional , personable, knows the industry and really cares about the business.Backstory: We had already moved out... read more

Dakota Uhrich Avatar
Dakota Uhrich
5/25/2021 - Google

Derrick Timmons went above and beyond what we expected. I would call him a Swiss Army knife of the industry. Definitely will be recommending him to anyone that I know... read more

Doug McIlwraith Avatar
Doug McIlwraith
5/25/2021 - Google

I first met Derek when I had my house listed for sale. Derek brought potential buyers to view my place. The listing expired and I took it off the market.I... read more

Kody Kirk Avatar
Kody Kirk
5/25/2021 - Google

Sold my house fast and was always available to answer any questions I had. Would highly recommend Derek for all your real estate needs.

Orsolya Gyorgy Avatar
Orsolya Gyorgy
5/25/2021 - Google

I’ll be honest, when my husband and I had first learned that we would be moving to Alberta from Ontario, I had reached out to quite a few realtors before... read more

Tracy Perry Avatar
Tracy Perry
5/25/2021 - Google

We met Derek over the phone from Ontario. We were purchasing a home in Alberta and were impressed by his online reviews. We liked his background not only... read more

Jay Bani Avatar
Jay Bani
5/25/2021 - Google

I'm currently in the process of closing the deal for our first house with Derek. He is one of the most responsive and motivated professionals I've seen. He has construction... read more

Adam G Avatar
Adam G
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek recently helped our family purchase our new home in Airdrie & was fabulous to deal with. Extremely responsive and detailed.We couldn’t of had a better experience & definitely would... read more

Travis Lammiman Avatar
Travis Lammiman
5/25/2021 - Google

Working with Derek has been great. We decided to purchase a house right in the middle of Covid-19, in a different province, and with a baby on the way. Derek... read more

Lori Murch Avatar
Lori Murch
5/25/2021 - Google

We had just started our home search not expecting to buy right away. The first day we met Derek and went to view a few properties, needless to say,... read more

Vernon Briggs Avatar
Vernon Briggs
5/25/2021 - Google

It is hard to express the quality of service that Derek provided us during our home sale. Typically, brokers only provide a certain level of service and try to... read more

Brad Healey Avatar
Brad Healey
5/25/2021 - Google

Derek supported my Fiancé with our move from the US to Calgary during the pandemic. Despite the obvious challenges, he was patient with us during the process and helped... read more

Emmanuel Charway Avatar
Emmanuel Charway
5/25/2021 - Google

When it comes to selling a home Derek is extremely passionate and very dedicated. I have never seen an agent whom comes over and works on your dry wall, to... read more

Sonia Saroya Avatar
Sonia Saroya
5/25/2021 - Google

As first time Home buyers we found the right realtor agent in Derek! He is knowledgeable, informed, patient and provides honest advice. We felt he is truly working in the... read more

kimm Monroe Avatar
kimm Monroe
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek was great to work with. He knew what I was looking for and went above and beyond making sure I felt comfortable. He knew before I said anything if... read more

Kate Rhodes Avatar
Kate Rhodes
5/25/2020 - Google

I could write so much about how amazing Derek is!! I’ve dealt with a few realtors and he stands way out from the crowd. His energy is awesome, he’s professional,... read more

Nicky Rhodes Avatar
Nicky Rhodes
5/25/2020 - Google

Fantastic! Extremely professional, took care of everything, on the ball and quick to respond. Highly recommended!!

Vonny Fast Avatar
Vonny Fast
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek Timmon's stands out among realtors. He's keen to learn, a true student of his craft and business, approachable, and has an amazing ability to connect and build trust. I... read more

Z at MVB Avatar
Z at MVB
5/25/2020 - Google

Buying my house was an awesome experience with Derek guiding us through it. He was helpful and honest through out the entire process. I highly recommend him for anyone looking... read more

Diana Green Avatar
Diana Green
5/25/2020 - Google

My husband and I recently decided to up and move across the country, and Derek was recommended to us from a mutual friend. Moving can be stressful, and we had... read more

Ryan MacKay Avatar
Ryan MacKay
5/25/2020 - Google

I'm a Real Estate Lawyer. I solve a lot of really hard problems in a year. I love when I get to do something easy for a change.... read more

Tom Watts Avatar
Tom Watts
5/25/2020 - Google

Working with Derek has been an absolute pleasure. He understands needs and works hard to do things the right way. What really stands out about Derek is his experience in... read more

Luke Naus Avatar
Luke Naus
5/25/2020 - Google

I have known Derek for 14 years now.I recently called him to ask specific questions about a property my girlfriend and I were looking to purchase. He had a... read more

Amanda Loh Avatar
Amanda Loh
5/25/2020 - Google

Outstanding.A knowledgeable Realtor with a background in Residential Construction and an honest and humble approach. Selling and buying a home can be incredibly stressful, but Derek will take the weight... read more

James Green Avatar
James Green
5/25/2020 - Google

As a first-time home buyer I had no idea what I was doing. I contacted Derek to see if he could point me in the right direction. It was the... read more

Devon Avatar
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek is the hardest working guy you could possibly get working for you. He has a wide array of knowledge that come into play when buying a home

Mahmud Abdulla Avatar
Mahmud Abdulla
5/25/2020 - Google

I was referred to Derek by a friend. Derek is highly confident, knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate. I would recommend Derek to any buyer or seller who wishes to work with... read more

Candice Avatar
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek Timmons helped me purchase my new home in Edmonton. He is well connected in the real estate world and set me up with an agent here in St. Albert... read more

Andrea Tattrie Avatar
Andrea Tattrie
5/25/2020 - Google

I have had the opportunity to meet Derek through our related network in real estate. Derek is a dedicated professional who is committed to enhancing his clients experience. I've seen... read more

Jason griffin Avatar
Jason griffin
5/25/2020 - Google

As a home inspector I work with a lot of great professionals. Derek is one of the best. His passion and dedication he has towards his job and clients is... read more

Mohindra Chand Avatar
Mohindra Chand
5/25/2020 - Google

Mr. Derek Timmons is one of the most amazing and hard working realtor I have ever met. He exceeds all expectations in the role of a realtor. He adapts... read more

Emmanuel Avatar
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek is a superstar of a realtor. He is helpful, patient and very knowledgeable about the industry. Whether you're a first time home buyer or a seasoned real... read more

Mike Banks Avatar
Mike Banks
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek is one of, if not the hardest working, most passionate and caring person I know. And it’s no surprise that he has brought these same qualities to real estate.... read more

Kimberly Kingsbury Avatar
Kimberly Kingsbury
5/25/2020 - Google

Being in new home sales for over 10 years, I have met and worked with hundreds of realtors. I recommend Derek to ALL of my close friends and family members,... read more

Dnyandeep Wankhede Avatar
Dnyandeep Wankhede
5/25/2020 - Google

Very impressed by the professionalism and quality of customer service by Derek Timmons. I had the pleasure of working with him. Derek has the great knowledge about the current real... read more

Maureen Kuchler Avatar
Maureen Kuchler
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek is a FIVE STAR REALTOR...hands down!!!! He is passionate about his job, and gives you 110%,100% of the time. There is never an issue with communication.He follows up and... read more

chantal sheptak Avatar
chantal sheptak
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek Is a wonderful person to work with and very caring and helpful! He kept me informed of everything and even figured out information for me after the sale was... read more

Krystal Dennett Avatar
Krystal Dennett
5/25/2020 - Google

Derrick was so easy to deal with. Such a friendly guy. He listened to our needs and concerns and help us through our selection. I would and have recommended him... read more

Erin Livingstone Avatar
Erin Livingstone
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek was awesome to work with! Very knowledgeable and his clients are always his top priority. I highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property!

Marc Levangie Avatar
Marc Levangie
5/25/2020 - Google

Derek helped my wife and I buy our first home, and the experience with him could not have been any better. He was extremely hard working, always available to answer... read more

Jennifer Gurnett Avatar
Jennifer Gurnett
5/25/2020 - Google

Working with Derek to put a deal together was a fantastic experience. When both agents can come together to create a positive experience on every step for their clients, it... read more

Nicole Paulucci Avatar
Nicole Paulucci
5/25/2020 - Google

Super easy, super quick, great experience!