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For families considering a move to Airdrie, understanding the available education options is a critical factor in the decision-making process. Parents are looking for the best schools for their children that have a proven track record of high-quality academics, but also provide options for students to explore their passions.

Airdrie’s schools are overseen by the Rocky View Schools (RVS) board, the 5th largest in Alberta. This jurisdiction services over 26,000 students from kindergarten to Grade 12, and that means new residents with children have a variety of schools to choose from. This article will look at both public and private education options in standard, Catholic, and Francophone schools in Airdrie.

We hope you find our list of the best schools in Airdrie helpful in your search for the right academic options for your children. Once you are done learning about the schools in the city, take a look at all of the amazing neighborhoods to choose from as well.

Atlas Learning Academy

Atlas Learning Academy classroom

Atlas Learning Academy is a private school in Airdrie that offers pre-school, kindergarten, and grade 1 to 8 education. This elementary to middle school has been highly ranked by the Fraser Institute, “an independent non-partisan research and educational organization based in Canada”, that objectively ranks schools based on a variety of academic factors. Atlas Learning Academy currently holds an 8.1/10, which is a considerably good score. 

At Atlas Learning Academy, students have smaller class sizes (max. 16 students) and have the opportunity to participate in daily activities that focus on personal development. Elementary students will have daily physical education, journaling and reading time, computer and tablet access, field trips, and so much more. This is a great institution for the little overachievers in your life.

Heloise Lorimer

Heloise Lorimer School entrance

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Heloise Lorimer School is a public elementary school that offers education from kindergarten to grade 5. Ranking 7/10 by the Fraser Institute, this is a great option for families looking to go the public education route. At Heloise Lorimer, students get access to all the education basics, along with daily physical education, music, art, and health and life skills. Students also have the option to join drama and languages courses.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Heloise Lorimer is their CDA (Child Development Advisor), who is on-site to assist students with mental health issues, conflict resolution, family support, and more. Heloise Lorimer School care goes beyond education and into emotion, which is a wonderful quality to have in an institution.

St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin de Porres school entrance

St. Martin de Porres high school offers English and French Immersion options for students. This Catholic school offers a breadth of religious studies and is rated a 6.7/10 by the Fraser Institute. This school is a great option for families looking for French Immersion options for older students.

Along with the standard courses, St. Martin de Porres high school offers a variety of optional courses, including but not limited to Fashion Studies, Construction Technology, Legal Studies, Dance, and Psychology. If you’ve got a student who’s looking for a well-rounded education, this school is a great choice.

George McDougall High School

George McDougall Highschool front entrance

Photo credit: The Calgary Herald

George McDougall High School is a public high school teaching grades 9 to 12 in either English or French Immersion. Ranked a 6.3/10 by the Fraser Institute, this school is a wonderful choice for families looking to go the public route and get a quality education.

The best thing about George McDougall High School is that it provides experience options for student credit for students who learn better through experiences. Additionally, they offer a Fine Arts program and the Global Hockey Academy, which allows students with an art or sports passion to pursue it fully without disrupting their education.

This school is undergoing a review to potentially change the name of the school due to McDougall’s involvement in paving the way for residential schools back in 1926. We will update this article if the school undertakes the name change.

Meadowbrook School

Meadowbrook Middle School front entrance

Photo credit: Rocky View Schools

Meadowbrook School teaches grades 6 to 8 and offers both standard and Catholic education options. For students who are looking for some flexibility before high school, this school is a great option with a variety of subjects.

Students will attend art, music, health and life skills, and physical education courses as required along with math, english, science, and social studies. Additionally, students have the option to attend drama, language, and career and technology foundational courses to round out their education and explore their passions prior to entering high school.

W.H. Croxford High School

W.H. Croxford school main entrance

Photo credit: ABC Schools

W.H. Croxford High School is a public school located in Airdrie that is a great option for students looking to get involved in their community and expose themselves to a variety of subject areas. Students have the opportunity to focus on specific career pathways that lead to specialized or credentialed skill sets. 

Developing specialized skills allows students to focus on their passions early, and create a clear path forward from graduation. Some subjects offered include Mechanics Training Center at Cam Clark Ford, Visual Arts (VAMA), Performing Arts (CAPA), Mechatronics, Music (CMA), Global Sports, The Farm, and more.

R.J. Hawkey Elementary School

R.J. Hawkey elementary school

Photo credit: Discover Airdrie

R.J. Hawkey Elementary School is a public school that offers education from kindergarten to grade 5. They also offer a Christian program, and students have access to their own CDA (Child Development Advisor) for difficult conversations or feelings. Having this support is a great advantage for R.J. Hawkey students.

Similar to the aforementioned schools, students will learn art, music, health and life skills, and have the option to participate in drama, languages, and career and technology classes. Providing these opportunities for students at a young age is critical in their development, and provides an extended learning opportunity for all.


Choosing a school for your child or children is an important decision and one you’ll be making soon if a move is in your future. Whether you’re looking for a Catholic, Francophone, or English school, Airdrie has a wide selection for you to choose from, with an overall strong academic performance. If you’re looking for a list of Airdrie’s schools, you can click here to see other options available for your students. The most important part is that your child or children find a school that fits who they are, and how they learn.

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