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Airdrie is a city near Calgary with the small town feel. Some people working in the Calgary area choose to live in Airdrie as it’s more quiet and peaceful. It has a slower pace of life which makes it the perfect place for retreat after a tiring day.

Airdrie takes pride in being a family-friendly and inclusive community. They have local restaurants and golf courses that the whole family can enjoy during the weekend.

Another one of the go-to places in Airdrie for both locals and tourists is the infamous farmers market. And here’s everything you need to know about it.

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What is the Airdrie Farmers Market?

The farmers market in Airdrie showcases local goods and services. It gives small businesses a place to display their products. It boosts the reach of these local artisans and helps them properly share their craft.

The farmers market has tents for different vendors. They also have food trucks where visitors can grab a bite as they tread through the stalls.

The market has jewelries and pieces of clothing that are made by the locals. There are vendors that sell custom quilts and towels, too.

They also have a wide selection of food and wines. Fresh produce is also one of the main products in the market. Some visitors go to the farmers market just for this. Their produce is that good.

The market also has mugs and ornaments that you can buy to decorate your home. And yes, these are also made by the locals. Anything you can think of buying is probably available at the farmers market.

Some vendors are resellers of famous food and products. But most of the stalls in the market are from small businesses that offer one-of-a-kind local products.

The vendors also rotate throughout the year. This gives other businesses a chance to put their products on display at the market and have people appreciate them.

You’ll never know if a stall would still be there the next time you visit. That’s why if you find something that you like, it’s better to buy on the same day.

Where is it Located?

The farmers market in Airdrie is located at the Plainsmen Arena and Jensen Park. These are two different places, but they’re close to each other.

Because the community is growing, more people are visiting the market. And because of this, more local businesses are also joining the market.

There’s also a new farmers market that opened in Airdrie last year—Souto Farms. It’s open all year round for everyone to visit.

It’s a family-owned business that delivers fresh fruits from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. They also sell vegetables that are locally grown in their new farm in Airdrie. The produce sold at Souto Farms is always guaranteed to be fresh and natural.

Souto Farms also has other Alberta-based vendors sharing the space with them. But they all sell food products instead of local crafts. They also have food trucks and a patio where visitors can relax while snacking.

When is it Open?

The farmers market in Airdrie operates from June to October. It opens every Wednesday—rain or shine. You can visit it from 3:30–7:00 PM.

The farmers market also has special events, especially during the holidays. They open for longer hours. They also operate for more days. Check out their website for the specific schedule.

The Airdrie farmers market is planning to open on April 16 at the Town and Country Center. This is one of the special instances that the market operates outside their usual schedule.

The Spring Fling event will showcase different sets of stalls. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for updates.

Why Should You Visit the Farmers Market?

You should visit the farmers market because it’s a great way to get into the local scene of Airdrie. Seeing the local products upclose and in person will also let you see the charms that the city has to offer.

The admission for the farmers market is donation to the food bank. You’re not only having a blast browsing all the stalls but also helping the community. Nothing tops that.

Another reason why you should visit the market is because it offers a lot of different things. The crafted products are surely unique and made by the locals. Visiting the market is already a huge help to small businesses that are hoping to impact the community and its people.

The market also aims to stay impartial. They do not allow politics to meddle with their affairs. They also have a no solicitation policy for their vendors. You can freely walk around the market without having to worry about these things.

Through the farmers market, you’ll get to learn a lot about the city’s culture. You’ll discover things that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. It makes you appreciate the place and its people better.

Living in Airdrie

living in airdrie

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If you ever find yourself looking for a new place to move into, check out the neighborhoods in Airdrie. You’ll find that the cost of a house here is lower than in most places.

Dive into the local scene to get a feel of how good of an environment Airdrie really is. And by that, we mean you should check out the local markets in the city.

Again, here’s what you need to know about the farmers market in Airdrie:

  • It showcases unique products from local businesses. They also have food trucks that people can buy snacks from while going though the markeet.
  • The vendors rotate throughout the year to give everyone a chance to display their products at the market.
  • The market is usually located at the Plainsmen Area and Jensen Park. It operates every Wednesday at 3:30–7:00 PM from June to October.
  • There are special events and other locations. Make sure to check their website for more details.
  • The market helps with the exposure of small businesses. It also donates to the food bank and helps the community.
  • It’s a guilt-free shopping experience. You can just relax while looking around for things and food that you might like.

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